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Promo Flash Designs

As I continue to grow, I am interested in exploring more designs with the use of opaque grays and blues combined with my usual gray wash. The designs below will be available at a promotional price.

More designs will be posted weekly. Check out my instagram post for designs as well~  

To book, fill out the form below for pricing and inquiries:

  • Screen shot the design and circle

  • Include how many inches (ex. 5" minimum +) 

  • Include ideal placement (ex. arms, back and legs only)

  • Design layout as is, unless you want to remove an element

  • Design can be mirrored

  • The $300 nonrefundable deposit will be required shortly after time slots are given. 

  • Available to book now for these promo flash design (Few dates open before June)

  • Each session starts at $500 starting (click on photo for description)

Promo Flash Form

Flash Deign
Thanks for submitting!

Goals for 2024...

One of my goals for the year 2024 is to expand my portfolio by focusing on creating floral and design pieces that incorporate opaque grays and blue tones. I've been talking about this for years and finally just started doing this. I'm drawn to cool palettes and cool color schemes. Another goal for the new year is to create new designs featuring dragons, phoenixes, and unicorns. I'd love to create large-scale compositions that combine these mythical elements with florals. I actually struggle with dragons and phoenixes in the past, so this year, I will challenge myself and will work on those more. I never really worked with unicorn designs but will be adding this to my list of goals this year as well. Thanks for stopping by! =]

(These new designs will available at the promo rate, so stay tuned...)

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