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You may combine designs.

If you are interested in any of these designs, follow these steps:

  • Select the design and circle it (Screenshot for later to upload)

  • Choose the placement (Arm, thigh, back, etc...)

  • Include measurements in inches (Ex. 8" H x 5" W) 

  • Interested in more than one design? Let me know which you'd like to combine.

  • Designs below will get earlier booking since they are already made.

Before you submit a form, do note that I will change the design slightly as I tattoo, but stick to the overall layout that you choose. Since these are predesigned florals, multiple clients may choose the same one. I like for each of my client to have a unique design, so we will make some adjustments. On the day of your appointment, we will discuss more about the design in detail. As for all designs, we will do a fitting and go over shading and placement. Freehand may be needed to create a better flow. You can also select more designs from on my instagram for inspo. Designs will be shaded similar to my new postings from Instagram. (No light shading.)

Newer wannado designs on @meojestic Instagram highlights "DESIGNS" or new postings.

Floral Flashes
Back Florals
Floral Thigh Flashes
Peony Duo
Large Mum
Floral butterfly
Florals and Friends
Peony Thigh
Poppies and Peonies
Single Peony
Peony Trio
Tropical Florals
Large Scale Floral
Asymmetrical Floral
Peony Duo Thigh
Dahlia & Mum
Mum Duo
Center Anemone
Pretty Peony

Peony - Sunflower - Rose - Mum


Peony - Sunflower - Rose - Mum

Untitled_Artwork 2.jpg

Floral Snake

Tropical Florals Hibiscus Plumeria Palms Monstera


Peony Flash Blossoms Butterfly Foliage Florals

Peony - Blossoms 

Peony Flash Tattoo Florals Flower

Peony 1

Two Peonies Double Flash Florals Tattoo

Peony 2

Three Peonies Flash Tattoo Flowers

Peony 3

Sunflower Flash Tattoo


Chrysanthemum Flash Tattoo Florals


Anemone Blossoms Mums Tattoo Floral Flash

Anemone - Blossoms -Mums


Cosmos - Poppies


Single Peony with Linework


Anemone - Peony










Cats- Floral

More Designs 

Before filling out a form, review the following tabs 

Floral Flash Form
Upload Design
Upload Design

Thanks for submitting!

What happens after I submit my forms?

It is important to include as much information as you can so I can schedule our session accordingly.

Depending on the size, placement and shading, I will choose a time slot that will fit the request.  

A $300 non-refundable deposit will be required to save the spot.

View QUOTE tab for more info.

The deposit details will be sent after we agree on the time slot. 

If I don't receive a response/deposit within the given time frame,

the spot originally given will be forfeited.

I will not save spots without a deposit. 

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