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How much will the tattoo cost? 


After submitting the forms, an estimate of the cost or time frame will be given. (Applied to appointments during Oct 20, 2022-May 31st, 2024)

  • Minimum starts at $300 

  • Nonrefundable deposits required to secure your appointment

    • How much is the deposit? $300 nonrefundable deposit

    • additional deposits required for multiple days

  • Most designs are priced hourly ($300 per hour)

  • Pricing is subject to change 

  • Updated on Oct 20, 2022 - Hourly rate will start at $300 per hour for everyone with new projects starting January 1, 2023

  • Complimentary touch ups must be done within 6 months of the session. 

  • Touch ups are not free after the 6 month period. 

  • Adding on to a tattoo, darkening, redoing whole outline will not be considered a touch up. 

Appointments schedule for June 1st, 2024 and so on~ READ BELOW (Tattoo examples posted below)

  •  Nonrefundable deposit - $500 (additional deposits required for multiple days)

  •  Flat rate priced on smaller designs below -5" 

    • (ex. small bouquets, bicep, wrist, ankle, bugs, etc...)

  •  Half day rate sessions -$1000  [Tue/Thu 10am-1:30pm or 2pm-5:30] small-medium size designs 5"-10" 

    • (ex. forearm florals on one side, clavicle etc...)

  •  Full day rate sessions -$1,800 [Mon/Wed/Fri 10am-4:30pm] medium to large 10"+  

    • (ex. forearm wrap, thigh, sleeves, back etc...)

  • We will discuss on which session is needed depending on your project request. It is best to do the whole time for each schedule session as it is a flat rate. In the event we do not finish and have not schedule an additional date, we will discuss after your session if you need a half day or a full day to complete your project. If you know you can't handle 6 hours of tattooing, please let me know, and we will schedule half day sessions.

  • I can never give exact time estimates, but feel free to look at my instagram captions. I usually will put time stamps on that project. This will give you an idea on how long that project may take. READ BELOW


There are so many factors that can affect how long the tattoo process will take (so please avoid scheduling other activities on the day of your session). 

  • Design Adjustments- Freehand~Making minor design adjustments on the body

  • Placement- Figuring out where to place the design. Everyone's body shape is different

  • Size- How much space did you want the design to cover

  • Detail- How much details you want in the design

  • Shade- Line~Stippling~Smooth~Cross-Hatching~Hatching~Combo~Etc...

  • Color- Black & Grey or Color

  • Value- Light vs Dark

  • Outline- Thin~Thick~Broken~Solid~Combo~Etc...

  • Density- How full do you want the design

  • Skin Type- Skin type sensitivity plays a huge role 

  • Movement- Please stay still while we work on you. It makes it harder when you move and will add to your tattoo time

    • If there is too much movement where I can get injured, we will end the session. ​

  • I've been told by the majority of my clients that I am pretty fast. I do a lot of coverage in a short amount of time, but it all depends on the factors above.

Flat Rate Tattoos

Half Day Sessions

Full Day Sessions

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