How much will the tattoo cost? 


After submitting the forms, an estimate of the cost will be given.

  • Minimum starts at $250

  • Most designs are priced hourly ($250 per hour)

  • Pricing is subject to change

There are so many factors that can affect how long the tattoo process will take (so please avoid scheduling another appointment on the day of your session). 

  • Design Adjustments- Freehand~Making minor design adjustments on the body

  • Placement-Figuring out where to place the design. Everyone's body shape is different

  • Size- How much space did you want the design to cover

  • Detail- How much details you want in the design

  • Shade- Line~Stippling~Smooth~Cross-Hatching~Hatching~Combo~Etc...

  • Color- Black & Grey or Color

  • Value- Light vs Dark

  • Outline- Thin~Thick~Broken~Solid~Combo~Etc...

  • Density- How full do you want the design

  • Skin Type- Skin type sensitivity plays a huge role 

  • Movement- Please stay still while we work on you. It makes it harder when you move and will add to your tattoo time