How much will the tattoo cost? 


After submitting the forms, an estimate of the cost will be given.

  • Minimum starts at $200

  • Most designs are priced hourly

  • What about small tattoos? Unfortunately, I am only taking on larger designs at this time.

There are so many factors that can affect how long the tattoo process will take such as: 

  • Design Adjustments- Freehand~Making minor design  adjustments on the body

  • Placement-Figuring out where to place the design. Everyone's body shape differs

  • Size- How much space did you want the design to cover

  • Detail- How much details you want in the design

  • Shade- Line~Stippling~Smooth~Cross-Hatching~Hatching~Combo~Etc...

  • Color- Black & Grey or Color

  • Value- Light vs Dark

  • Outline- Thin~Thick~Broken~Solid~Combo~Etc...

  • Density- How full do you want the design

  • Skin Type- Skin type sensitivity plays a huge role 

  • Movement- Please stay still while we work on you. It makes it harder when you move and will add to your tattoo time