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Planning out a large scale design...

  • If you're considering getting a large-scale design, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when booking.

  • It's important to plan out the density of the design, whether you prefer a fully covered sleeve or one with more negative space.

  • It's recommended to gather references that you can show later for inspiration. When deciding what to include in the design, it's best to choose a focal point and secondary elements rather than incorporating too many ideas, which can result in a cluttered design.

  • You can create a prioritized list, ranking the importance of each element, and the artist will review it to determine what can be incorporated into the design.

  • Communication with your artist is key, and it's important to be open if they decline certain requests. Giving your artist creative freedom allows them to produce their best work.

  • Keep in mind that larger-scale designs require longer preparation time and may take more sessions to complete which will also result in a higher cost.

  • It's crucial not to rush the artist and to plan your schedule accordingly, allowing for a dedicated day for the tattoo session.

  • It's recommended to schedule sessions with back to back dates 

    • the tattoo heals at the same time​​​

    • ​the mapping of the design is still there from the first session​

    • better work flow as everything is still fresh

  • If sessions are scheduled further out, it will need to be within 2-4weeks in between session and must be book during my booking time frame.

    • 2-4week bookings will be determined by the artist depending on the tattoo 

  • We don't recommend starting your sleeve and coming back a year plus to add on as style, products and rate are subject to change

  • Depending on the size of the design, there will be a full-day rate for large-scale projects such as a sleeve/back.

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