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Post Care

A frequent question I receive is, "What about aftercare?"

After your session, I will go over the aftercare process that is pertinent to your own lifestyle. Everyone's healing process varies. Any questions or concerns you may have will be answered.
Visit our instructions here, AFTERCARE

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The First Day

Your skin may be pink, swollen and/or sore. It is completely normal and reactions will vary for each person. Generally, swelling and pink discoloration will go away in a few hours. You may still experience soreness, which is expected (many compare the soreness to a sunburn).

The tattoo wrap we use at our studio is Saniderm or Derm Shield.

There will be other options if you do not like to use Saniderm. 

Healing Process

Everyone's healing rate is different.

The healing rate may vary from within a week to even up to a month. Designs with more shading and saturation will take longer to heal. Average surface healing time is about two weeks. Even so, a tattoo can take months to settle. 

Day 1-3: Tattoo may appear darker and shiny

Day 4-7: Tightening of the tattoo

Day 8-14: Cracking and peeling

Day 15 and onward: Tattoo fully peeled and will dull once new skin heals over your tattoo

More in-depth details will be provided after your session


Touch Ups

I do offer a one-time complimentary touch up within the first six months.

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