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What to expect on the day of your appointment...

  • When you come in, you will fill out forms and a government issued identification card will be required. 

  • I will ask you to show me how far you want the tattoo to start/end.

  • We will go over the design and play with sizing and placement. 

  • Some designs will be freehanded to create a better flow if needed.

  • Average prep time takes less than 1 hour for single day sessions.

  • Once that is agreed upon, we will begin our session.

  • To help you prep, I will let you know where I'll begin and what I am doing during the tattoo. 

  • I prefer clients to come alone, since having a guest can be distracting for both of us. 

  • Do not bring a guest to help you pick out the design or placement. It is not going on their body. It is your design, so please make your own decisions. 

  • From experience, most clients don't realize they move more when they have company, which can affect your tattoo. 

  • I recommend bringing a device where you can listen to music or watch shows. 

  • You are able to take short breaks if needed, so feel free to bring some snacks and drinks for yourself.

  • Do your best not to move. I am confident in my work, but if you are a mover, it will affect the outcome of the tattoo.

  • I will also let you know if you are moving or twitching. I will only say it once. If you move constantly, then it'll be on you. 

  • If your skin is super swollen or bloody, we may need stop the session and finish at a later date. 

  • During the session, I usually don't talk as much and usually listen to my podcast during our session. If I start talking, I actually can't tattoo at the same time, and we'll never get finished. (So please don't get offended!)

  • Once we are done, I will go over aftercare best suited for you. 

  • We will take some photos of the finished tattoo. (Feel free to bring extra clothes (preferably light color clothing) for photos).   

  • I don't respond to messages while I'm at the studio with my client for the day. (Mon-Fri 10am-4:30pm) 

  • I will generally respond to messages when I am done at the studio. (late evening or early mornings)

  • Time may vary a bit, depending on how late I get off of work. I will do my best to answer messages. 

  • During the rest of the times, I will be spending it with my family.

Please don't spam me if you didn't get an appointment. Spamming doesn't increase your chances. If there are high volumes of submissions, then not all requests will be able to secure a date. 

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