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First of all, I truly want to thank you all for showing interest and submitting your ideas during my booking rounds.

Below, will give you an idea of how I do my bookings.

Each booking round gets busier than before and I am super blessed and thankful.

Now onto the questions and answers! 

How does the booking process work?

  • How often do you book? 

    • A selected date will be chosen for booking. ​I like to book out a few months in advance and close booking once all available dates are filled. (For example, I will book on one day in January for February through April) 

  • How long will booking be open?

    • Booking will open until all available spots are filled.

  • How will I know when booking will open?

    • Once I finalize my schedule for the following months, I will post in advance when booking will open on the front page of this website and on my Instagram via post/captions/stories/bio. So far, this has worked well for those who have set a reminder and planned ahead.  I currently do not have automatic emails sent out to alert everyone on when it will open. ​

  • How do you select applications?

    • Each booking round, certain themes will be announced. In one of the booking rounds, I mainly accepted larger floral designs with birds/snakes/etc... I didn't select the applications for Asian work, cover ups, small designs, or other request that didn't fall under my criteria at this time (Please find artists that specialize in those.)  Once booking begins, I will review the applications briefly in the order that they are received. All forms for the day will be redirected into a specific inbox on the booking date. 

  • How will I know if my request is accepted?

    • You will receive a message that will include a price estimate/time and if you want to move forward. I will try to work with your requested dates, but if none of those are available, I will give you my earliest availability. After the set date is agreed upon, deposit information will be given. You will need to deposit within a specified amount of time, as I will not hold spots without one. Once the deposit is received, I will confirm your appointment with a new message. 

  • Why didn't I get a response?​

    • Due to high volumes of submissions, I will not be able to respond to everyone. I review the projects in the order they were received, and if it piques my interest, I will reach out to you. During the most recent booking session, I received many excellent submissions and was completely booked in less than a day. If you did not get a response it does not mean that I don't want to work with you, but please understand I can't squeeze everyone in. 

  • Am I still able to get an appointment even though I did not get a response?

    • There is a chance, yes! If I finish my session early or (in rare cases) a client does not show up, I will go back to the applications and see which would be possible to do that day. Although, the design would have to be something I can draft ASAP or even freehand. I will call you directly to see if you are able to come in. If you do not answer, I will move on to the next application. This appointment is sort of a last minute session, so everything will happen the day-of. This means, I won't be able to give you advance notice.  

  • Is there a waitlist I can get on?

    • I do not have a waitlist. 

  • When is your next booking date?

    • Booking dates are announced on the home page once I finalized my personal schedule. If you are able to find a different artist before then that can help you with your request, please do so! ​​

  • How many clients do you book per day?

    • Usually one client per day if it's a larger piece that requires more than 4 hours. If less than 2 hours, then I'd be able to take in more clients per day. 

  • Will you be accepting other request besides florals?

    • Rarely will I do so... but even with florals, I need you to give me the freedom to do it in my own style. Do not send me other designs and expect me to copy someone's work.

  • Do you take walk-ins?

    • Rarely. I have a strict and tight schedule. ​There are times, I will be able too, if I end my session early or client does a no-show.

  • Why aren't you responding to text/calls/Instagram/Facebook/etc...?

    • You will have to submit an application through this website once booking opens. After, I will only communicate with you if we are moving forward with the project. This helps me organize my schedule and life. I have turned off other notifications and I hope you understand why I needed to do so. ​When I get an assistant, then I can possibly open up more contact routes.

  • How can I get in faster?

    • All applicants have to follow the same booking process. 

If more questions come up, I'll add it to the list. ​Thank you for reading this far. I hope this cleared any questions you may have had. If you have any other questions, you can call the studio as I do not answer my phone when I am working. ​

Tattoo Process

What to expect during your appointment...

  • When you come in, you will fill out forms and a government issued identification card will be required. 

  • We will go over the design and play with sizing and placement. 

  • Some designs will be freehanded to create a better flow if needed.

  • Once that is agreed upon, we will begin our session.

  • To help you prep, I will let you know where I'll begin and what I am doing during the tattoo. 

  • I prefer clients to come alone, since having a guest can be distracting for both of us. 

  • From experience, most clients don't realize they move more when they have company, which can affect your tattoo. 

  • Be aware of your body movements! 

  • I recommend bringing a device where you can listen to music or watch shows. 

  • You are able to take short breaks if needed, so feel free to bring some snacks and drinks for yourself.

  • Do your best not to move. I am confident in my work, but if you are a mover, it will affect the outcome of the tattoo.

  • I will also let you know if you are moving or twitching. 

  • Most of the time, I am able to finish the design in a single session. If your skin is super swollen or bloody, we may need stop the session and finish at a later date. 

  • Once we are done, I will go over aftercare best suited for you. 

  • We will take some photos of the finished tattoo.   

  • I don't respond to messages while I'm at the studio with my client for the day. (Mon-Fri 10am-4:30pm) 

  • I will generally respond to messages when I am done at the studio. (late evening or early mornings)

  • Time may vary a bit, depending on how late I get off of work. I will do my best to answer messages. 

  • During the rest of the times, I will be spending it with my family.

Please don't spam me if you didn't get an appointment. Spamming doesn't increase your chances. I have set the time and date for booking so please set reminders and follow that if you are interested. If there are high volumes of submissions, then not all requests will be able to secure a date. 


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